April 23rd


NATIONAL TALK LIKE SHAKESPEARE DAY – Not for the faint hearted, talking like Shakespeare may cause you to become the laughing stock.  But come what may, wear your heart on your sleeve because you can never get too much of a good thing.

Say “Good Riddance!” to your green-eyed monster as the world is your oyster.  Break the ice with a “Knock, knock! Who’s there?” joke and your fears will vanish into thin air.

Although this may make your hair stand on end and set your teeth on edge, lead your audience on a wild goose chase of metaphorical wonder.

If you want to speaker even more authentically, the website Shmoop.com will translate any sentence into Shakespeare speak.  For example I typed this into the website’s Your Speak box: 

Hey, dude! Speaking like Shakespeare will be a fun and challenging challenge that can lead to belly laughs and new skills.

It translated to:

Ho, broth’r! Speaking like Shakespeare wilt beest a excit’ment and challenging dare that can leadeth to belly chuckleth and new skills.

Have fun with this today!  Happy Talk Like Shakespeare Day!

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