April 21st


BULLDOGS ARE BEAUTIFUL DAY – This is Louis.  He is my favourite bulldog.  No, he is not my dog unfortunately but belongs to a friend of mine.  She has some fantastic pictures of him but this is my favourite.  The thought bubble was added by a mutual friend Gale and I think it captures the moment spectacularly.

Many years ago, I lived in a wonderfully small house.  My neighbours had a bull dog named Stella.  It used to crack me up when I would hear them yelling out their back door “STELLA ….. STELLA”.

One spring day, when I was cleaning my car, I was sitting half in the driver’s seat, turned to clean the dash and was startled by Stella sitting happily in the passenger seat with her Underbite of Glory!  Fantastic!

Bulldogs are Beautiful!  Celebrate them today!


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