April 20th


NATIONAL LOOK ALIKE DAY – I used to joke that, when it came to my daughters, I was merely the incubator.  I have blue eyes and fair skin.  My hair looks best blond and is wonderfully transitioning to white.

My daughters were both born with dark hair and brown / hazel eyes.  Their skin was naturally darker and they did not look my children when they were little.  Fortunately, they have since taken on many of my affectations and physical attributes.  People do see the resemblance now that they are grown.

But I have been told many times that I look like someone else … with such frequency that I used to think I have a universal face.

My strangest look alike experience was when I was in Grade 9.  I was in the chorus of a high school musical.  My hair was short brown and I wore glasses.  Another girl, co-incidentally named Lisa, also had short brown hair and wore similar glasses.  We wore the same red flapper dress in the chorus.  My mother watched the other Lisa throughout the entire show.  Boy, did she feel bad!

I wonder what the other Lisa looks like now ….

What is your best doppelgänger story?


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