April 18th


NATIONAL ANIMAL CRACKER DAY – Someone must really love animal crackers … enough to make a national day celebration for them!  I have not eaten animal crackers for many years simply because, to me, they are a children’s snack and we don’t have any little ones in our house anymore.

My research shows that animal crackers originally hailed from England and were exported to the US in the 1800s.  The popularity of Barnum’s circus in 1902 led to the cookies’ name “Barnum’s Animals” with “Crackers” as a subtitle.

Marketed in a tiny box with a string, these slightly sweet cookies were made for hanging on a Christmas tree.  These boxes designed to look like a wagon are still sold today.  Since 1903, at least 37 different animals have been represented in cookie form with the latest addition being the koala in 2002.

The important question is:  which animal do you eat first and do you eat their head first?


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