April 15th


NATIONAL RUBBER ERASER DAY – I truly appreciate a fine rubber eraser after I have used a terrible eraser.  There is nothing more frustrating than using the convenient eraser at the end of a pencil only to learn that it merely smears the  pencil markings.

My favourite erasers are the white Staedtler blocks with the blue and white wrapper.  When I was studying drafting in my first year of engineering, that eraser was my best friend.

Erasers have a long history.  The first eraser was documented in 1770, invented by Joseph Priestly.  The vegetable gum substance was literally called a rubber.  Refer to an eraser as a rubber in a modern day classroom and all you will hear are giggles.

In 1839, Charles Goodyear discovered a method to cure rubber called vulcanization. Rubber erasers took a foothold and have never looked back.

Happy Rubber Eraser Day!





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