April 14th


NATIONAL DOLPHIN DAY – I can’t believe I am writing about dolphins simply because I don’t like any of the other national days.  They are:  National Ex-Spouse Day (not even going there), National Pecan Day (only like them candied which defeats the whole purpose), National Pan American Day (what?), and National Rearch For As High As You Can Day (I feel like I just drank a whole bottle of syrup).

Back to Dolphins:

Dolpins are carnivores and the Killer Whale is a type of dolphin.  The females are called cows and the males are called bulls.

Echolocation is used by dolphins to learn their whearabouts.  Five species of dolpins live in rivers and the rest live in tropical oceans and seas.

Their brain is surprisingly similar to humans and their gestation period is 17 months.  Yikes!  I am suddenly glad I am a human!

Dolphin’s main threat are humans with pollution, fishing and hunting being the cause of death.

On a positive side, dolphins are playful, intelligent and expressive.  Swimming with the dolphins is considered to be a fabulous vacation experience.

There … I clearly appreciate the dolphin.  Happy Dolphin Day!




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