April 12th


NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH DAY – As far as comfort food goes, a grilled cheese is the oversized padded comfy arm chair of sandwiches.  It is the best food after a night of carousing, the perfect companion for a bowl of tomato soup and the delicious sidekick to a garden salad.

A friend of mine recently taught me to raise the grilled cheese bar.  She suggested that I assemble the  sandwich as per usual methods; white bread, cheese strips and buttered outside surfaces.

But here is the best part: heat your pan and then drop shredded cheese in a square the size of your bread.  Once melted, place the sandwich on top of the cheese and fry.  Remove the sandwich when done to your satisfaction and repeat for the other side.   It is a cheese sandwich grilled in cheese!  Perfection!




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