April 10th


NATIONAL FARM ANIMAL DAY – We live in a heavily populated region but have many farms just north of our city.  They are not huge farms but there are lots of cows, horses, chickens, alpacas and even emus.

When the girls were younger, we would often play a game while driving in the country.  It is called the Cow Game and, as you might expect, involves looking for these common farm animals.

Passengers in the car were divided into two teams: the driver side team and the passenger side team.  Each team would count as many cows as they could when we passed a farm on their side of the car.  They would add that number to the total they had seen previously.  If the opposite team saw horses, they could count them and remove that number from their opponents’ cow totals.

My husband was wily.  Often the driver, he would speed up when a farm was on my side but then slow down when a farm was on his side just so his side had more time to count cows.

We lived in dread of passing a cemetery.  The team who had the cemetery on their side of the car would lose all of their cows and would have to start over.

This caused the game to eventually fall apart.  When we travelled a well-known route, my husband would drive out of our way to ensure that we passed a cemetery on my side of the car right before we got home.   Somehow, his team always won the Cow Game.

There was always lots of screaming and finger pointing during the Cow Game and it certainly kept the kids occupied.  It also made them aware of all of the farm animals on our drives … and how competitive we all can be.  Good times.

Happy Farm Animal Day!




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