April 9th


NATIONAL UNICORN DAY – I learned something today: unicorns are the national animal of Scotland.  Who knew?  Of course, the Scottish and probably everyone else in the world knew this.  My father’s family originated in Scotland so I guess I should be more aware of the history of the mythical creature. But as a fourth generation Canadian, I guess I know way more about beavers and the maple leaf.

I have never been a girl who loved unicorns having always preferred kittens and cats … and Barbies … and Hot Wheels.  Never mind.

My favourite movie featuring a unicorn is Legend.  It was one of Tom Cruise’s first films but, in my opinion, it is Tim Curry who steals the movie with his incredible portrayal of the devil.

The history of the unicorn is long and involved so I will leave you to research it on your own but I did read that people have been known to refer to “unicorn moments”.  These are the times when someone is side-tracked from a conversation.  We call them “squirrel moments”.  Does that mean the squirrel is on the verge of usurping the Beaver as Canada’s national animal?

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