April 8th


NATIONAL ZOO LOVERS DAY – When I first read the name of this day, I initially decided I would write about another celebration instead, NATIONAL ALL IS OURS DAY.  The problem is that I am not a lover of zoos. Toronto has an enormously popular zoo but I have not been there since before my older daughter was born.  I don’t dislike zoos … they are just not my thing I guess.

I do have a few good memories of a very small zoo though.  My hometown has a very small sancutary that has a small collection of animals.  I used to take my kids there quite a bit when my youngest was still in a stroller.

The yearly pass cost $25 and the pathways between the enclosures were grass.  It felt more like a farm than a zoo.  Upon arrival, the kids were always given some raisins to feed the incredibly friendly lemurs.

My favourite animals were the goats.  They were always escaping their paddocks to check out the few visitors that were there at any given time. Hearing the owner yell “the goats are out again” always brought a smile to my face.

Although I am not really a zoo lover, I did love our times at that zoo.  Happy Zoo Lovers Day.

Oh, Happy All is Ours Day too!

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