April 7th


NATIONAL NO HOUSEWORK DAY and NATIONAL BEER DAY – this of course means that I can sit on my couch all day and drink beer … without guilt!  It’s encouraged today after all.

In actuality, I feel as though its impossible to avoid housework completely.  I make my bed as soon as I rise … housework.  I make my own meals  …. housework. I wash the dishes …  definitely housework.  But I can most definitely take one for the team and avoid the duster and vacuum in honour of this day.

That brings me to beer.  Beer is tasty.  And beer is plentiful with the advent of so many local craft breweries.   When I lived in England, I learned to love lime and lager.   I am willing to taste any beer that is put in front of me.

FUN FACT 1: Beer is the third most popular beverage in the world after water and tea.  Tim Horton’s should served beer since it is more popular than coffee.

FUN FACT 2: Beer has been around since around 9500 BC. Wow, that is amazing!  Wonder what the ancient beer varieties were named?  CaveBrew or Mesolithbeer?

Cheers to beer … while sitting around and eating bon bons.

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