April 6th


NATIONAL TARTAN DAY – Tartan is often thought to be synonymous with plaid but a plaid is historically a Scottish term for a blanket or cloth.  Tartan patterns are also believed to be birthed within Scottish clans but historians have determined that originally these designs were regional in nature and can be traced back to Central Europe a couple of centuries ago.

The classic tartan pattern consists of bands of colour woven both vertically and horizontally with the colours appearing to blend together.

Tartans were first officially named and registered beginning in 1815 so the clan association is a modern one.  I am proud to say that my father’s family crest is mounted atop a particular tartan.  It’s time to look into that plaid further to find its origin.

I have another reason to celebrate National Tartan Day … my favourite pub is named The Tartan Tavern.  Cheers to the Tartan!





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