April 5th


NATIONAL READ A ROAD MAP DAY – Digital navigation tools have forced the beloved road map to take a back seat.  In fact, I would hazard a guess that my kids have never had to pull out a road map to plan their travel routes.  I can even send directions to my car Navigation system via an app.  My glove compartment is remarkably empty.

However, I love maps.  Whenever I spread out a road map, it is easy to spend time reviewing all the different cities in the region and looking at routes that I have already travelled or would like to travel.  I have a huge National Geographic world atlas that is full of great maps and although I rarely drag it out, it is fascinating to flip through.

Today is a great day to pull out a paper map of the region where you live and reconnect with all the towns surrounding you.  Have fun finding places that you would like to visit. And then have even more fun folding the map back up into its original compact state!


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