April 4th


NATIONAL SCHOOL LIBRARIAN DAY – I loved my Grade 3 teacher who was also the librarian at my elementary school.  Her name was Mrs. Drayton and she was lovely and kind. I will gladly credit her with my love of reading although my family were all readers so they may have been my primary influence.  Having grown up in the dark ages before the internet blossomed, I spent countless hours in various school libraries throughout my 22 years of formal education.  The Dewey decimal system was my best friend.

One of my closest friend’s mother was a University of Toronto Librarian.  Her family did not have a television until they were well into high school.  All three of her children are avid readers to this day.  I envy their reading speed and ability to get lost in a book.  Although I do enjoy a good fiction novel (I am currently on letter “K” of Sue Grafton’s mystery series), I prefer books about brain function and mind theories.

I salute the school librarian today!  Thank you Mrs Drayton.


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