April 3rd


NATIONAL FIND A RAINBOW DAY – It is also National Chocolate Mousse Day, World Party Day, and National Tweed Day but my inner science geek is mostly interested in the colourful fleeting arches.

FUN FACT:  a rainbow can be circular but you have to be up really high to see the lower half of the raindrops before they hit the ground.   And, of course, the rainbow will be opposite the sun with refraction and reflection abounding.

FUN FACT 2:  there is something called a moonbow.  These faint misty visions can be found near waterfalls but are difficult to see.  They appear white to the naked eye but can be seen clearly in time-lapse photography.

FUN FACT 3: a double rainbow is not separate entity.  It occurs when light reflects and refracts twice within each raindrop.  The lower rainbow will have blue on the inner edge of the arc but the outer rainbow will have red on it’s inner edge.

Rainbows are often signs of hope and promise of a brighter future.  For this science gal, they are a wonder of nature.

If you cannot find a rainbow today … make one with pencils, paper or a garden hose.

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