April 1st


INTERNATIONAL PILLOW FIGHT DAY – Yes, I am aware that it is April Fool’s Day but I don’t really celebrate it.   I cannot keep a straight face when trying to fool someone so I am going to focus on another form of laughter therapy that is celebrated today, the pillow fight.

Pillow fights will be taking place on this day all over the world.  There is even a website that lists each city alphabetically and the time of the scrum. It also contains a “how to” section for the pillow fight itself. See the link below.

Here are some of the Pillow Day rules:

  • Never ask permission – there are no permits to be acquired and there have been no reports of pillow fight arrests
  • Use a public space – a city square of central area for the public, not a park or university.  According to the website parks are boring and university campuses will exclude the public
  • Time of day – Saturday afternoon is best for both light and pictures of swinging pillows.  Sundays are bad due to possible hangovers of attendees
  • How to fight with a pillow.  Here are some rules quoted on the site:

“+ Soft pillows only!
+ Swing lightly, many people will be swinging at once.
+ Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras.
+ Remove glasses beforehand!
+ The event is free and appropriate for all ages.
+ Wait until the signal to begin.
+ This event is more fun with feathers!”

  • Disperse or Stay – the pillow fight will have ebbs and flows so don’t bail too soon as it might come to light again
  • Clean up – leave no traces of the pillow fight.  Bring along some gloves and a trash bag.

I was completely unaware of the massive pillow fight interventions happening today.  I look forward to seeing the pictures on social media tomorrow!


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