March 29th


NATIONAL LITTLE RED WAGON DAY – the iconic red Radio Flyer, the centre of many kid’s imaginative journeys, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  Based in Chicago, this family owned and run company has won awards and have kept their products simple yet current.

The original wagon was wooden but changed to steel in the 1920s.  Today, there are wooden, steel and plastic varieties. Canopies, fold-down padded seats, storage areas and cup holders are possible options on the modern wagon.

Visit this link to read the interesting history of the Radio Flyer:

I would, however, like to celebrate all wagons today.  When my girls were little, we spent time outdoors everyday.  Many hours were spent on the driveway with a wagon, toys and other children. There were countless trips around the block with wagons and, later, tricycles.  Children who had paper routes would put their dailies in wagons.  My girls are still friends with many of their playmates from those days.

I have new neighbours who have children … I think.  I never see the kids outside playing on the driveway, pulling a wagon with stuffed animals or anything else for that matter. I wonder, what do they do inside all day?  They are missing so much. The outside world is a social world with children, dog walkers and friendly neighbours.  Maybe they need a Little Red Wagon to get started.

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