March 27th


NATIONAL SPANISH PAELLA DAY – My mother was from a small town and spent summers when she was young on her uncle’s farm.  With many farmers in her family, we had a lifetime of down-home staples: meat, potato and vegetable dinners. But very occasionally my mom would make something she called Spanish rice.  It was basically ground beef, cooked white rice and ketchup.  I loved it.  I can almost hear the horrified gasps of the Spanish Paella aficionados.

Spanish Paella is a savory dish including three different types of protein: chicken, seafood, and chorizo.  Spices, rice, tomatoes, vegetables and saffron give paella it’s iconic taste.  Recipes on the internet abound so choose your favourite and serve your delicious version of Spanish rice tonight (not my mom’s).

Happy March 27th!


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