March 24th


NATIONAL CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISIN DAY – Oddly, today has only one celebration : the Chocolate Covered Raisin.

Raisinets or Glosettes  (brand names for chocolate covered raisins) are the third largest selling candy in the US.  They used to remind me of movie snacks.  Now they remind me of the time that I ate WAY too many and felt very sick.  I did not eat this snack for a long time.

But I will happily take one for the team and pick up some dark chocolate covered raisins for an afternoon snack.

This also begs the question:  what can we do with chocolate covered raisins?

  • Bake them in your favourite Oatmeal cookie recipe
  • Add them to a vanilla muffin mix
  • Top your morning yogurt/granola mix with the dark chocolate variety
  • Sprinkle on ice cream
  • Toss through the air for friends or family to catch with their mouth
  • Leave a handful for a friend as a treat

Enjoy!  Happy March 24th!



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