MARCH 22nd


NATIONAL GOOF OFF DAY – Goofing off is intentionally avoiding work … at all costs.  Do not look like you are working today, do not feel like you are working and, above all, do not tell anyone you are working today.

But let’s say, for your family’s well being and job security, that you do have to work today.  Take a few moments, any moments during the day, and play.  No, I do not mean Candy Crush or Trivia Crack.  I mean PLAY.  Unscripted, impromptu, and laugh-inducing silliness.

When my kids were younger, I used to occasionally take them to Lowes.  While we there we would, without discussion, break into a game of hide and seek.  The kids would be at one end of the long aisles and I would be at the other.  The game was to spot someone as they were crossing the aisles or to hide from them but still keeping moving along the store.  Occasionally a staff member would figure us out and start helping us.  We would laugh and giggle and we still talk about this game, many years later.  That is play.

If you are an employer, imagine how surprised and happy your staff would be if you suddenly started blowing bubbles with them  or something equally as fun and easy.  If you are a parent, the dishes can wait.  Kitchen dancing is way more fun!




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