March 21st


NATIONAL FRAGRANCE DAY – did you know that our memory for smells could be the strongest due to the location of the olfactory bulb?  Researchers, with the help of the FMRI, have determined that this important piece of our brain is located next to the hippocampus. The hippocampus is involved in processing emotions and making new memories and lights up when exposed to a new odour.

Smell is the strongest sense with over 1000 receptors whereas vision and touch have four or so receptors each. Fragrances require much more processing by the brain, having even a chemical component.  Aromatherapy uses this chemical component to help our bodies with a miriad of targeted uses.

We can usually conjure up unpleasant smells much easier than pleasant smells.  Certain fragrances can be wonderful anchors taking us back to childhood memories and feelings in an instant.

Food smells are among my favourites although the smell of fresh cut wood is one of my top pleasant anchors.  My family business was lumber so this fragrance brings back wonderful memories of my father and our family.  What is your favourite fragrance?

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