March 20th


NATIONAL PROPOSAL DAY – Needless to say, there is a food celebration today (Ravioli) but Proposal Day intrigued me.  This day marks both the vernal equinox (first day of spring) and the day to declare to a suitable candidate that you are marriageable.

A website for this day suggests that you use New Year’s Day to show a special one your charms.  Valentine’s Day is the time to declare your love and Proposal Day is when we … well, propose marriage.  The author went one step further to suggest that you make a holiday weekend of your proposal, beginning with St Paddy’s Day.

I feel as though this timeline is mostly ignored in this day and age, especially with the epic proposals that take time, creativity, and often money.

If this day were to become as commercial and celebrated as Valentine’s Day, would the day after Proposal Day become National Breakup Day?  All those ladies expecting their man to pop the question might not be too happy if he didn’t put a ring on it.

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