March 13th


NATIONAL NAPPING DAY – the day following the return to Daylight Savings Time is designated as a day for napping.  Apparently, the lost hour can have a huge affect on sleep patterns.  Does that mean, for one day, our sleep disturbances have nothing to do with technology, television or a “just one more thing” mentality?

My husband is amazing at napping.  He can fall asleep 10 seconds after he closes his eyes.  It’s so unfair.  It takes me the optimal maximum nap time (20 minutes) to fall asleep and then waking me is like rousing a 16 year old at 5:00 am.

I think I will celebrate NATIONAL EARMUFFS DAY instead.   I can put them on in the same time it takes my husband to fall asleep.  It’s a win-win!




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