March 12th


NATIONAL PLANT A FLOWER DAY – Oh, this takes me back to the days when my daughters were little.  We had a fluorescent light mounted from the ceiling in a basement storage room and we would keep it trained on trays of seeds throughout the depths of winter.  Everyday we would mist the trays with water and celebrate when the plants began to grow.  Once the ground had thawed and temperatures were warm we proudly planted our flowers.

The seeds were often ones that we had collected.  I would lurk in the garden throughout late summer and into the fall to look for seeds.   I would even case other people’s gardens to find even more seeds.  Thank goodness I have a new card-making addiction now and it keeps me out of people’s yards.

Four o’clock seeds are easy to find and collect as they are black pea-sized seeds.  They sit right on top of a newly opened pod.  Impatiens seeds are found in little exploding pods. Making them explode is the best part.   Marigolds are part of the dead flower head.

Plant a flower today and celebrate March 12th!

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