March 11th


NATIONAL WORSHIP OF TOOLS DAY – It is NATIONAL OATMEAL NUT WAFFLES DAY as well but I had to skip over that one to go straight to the Worship of Tools celebration.  I can explain:

I have nothing against Oatmeal Nut Waffles.  I am sure they are lovely and have never hurt anyone.  But I am married to a tool-loving guy.  He has nearly every tool that has been invented , in duplicate or triplicate.

I have joked many times over the years that I only married him because he owned a complete set of air nailing guns.  Of course, that was before the plethora of projects mounted.   We have used the framing gun for many house renovations.  It makes great ka-chunk! sounds and sure beats hammering nails into two-by-fours.

I was lucky enough to use the roofing nail gun a couple of summers ago … on a very hot second story rooftop. I am not in a hurry to repeat that job but it was satisfying upon completion.

I know that my reasons for marrying him have nothing to do with his tool collection but he does come in handy when anything needs fixing!

Happy March 11th!



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