March 10th


NATIONAL MARIO DAY – Not gonna lie, I love Mario.  I love Super Mario and I love Mario Cart.  I suck at them both (ask my daughters) but they are so much fun to play!

Play is incredibly important and adults do not play enough.  One of my definitions of play involves losing myself completely in an activity.  When I am focused on something that involves play, I find it nearly impossible to think of anything else … especially stressful things in my life.  The pleasure regions, including the reward centre,  of my brain light up and literally take over.

Although it is rare these days, we can play Mario games for hours  There are always lots of groans, laughs, hoots and hollers.  I don’t advocate over-playing any video game as it can begin to have affects on our mental health; especially the violent games.  But the occasional Mario-fest is truly entertaining.





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