March 8th


INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – this year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange.  I was happy to see that tdoay’s celebration was focus in my morning class at OrangeTheory Fitness.  The coaches challenged the ladies (and men) in the class to record Personal Bests in honour of this day.  I must say that it actually worked to spur me on and I did record a personal best on the water rower.  We even had our pictures taken for the OrangeTheory Fitness Whitby website.

Check out this link for more info on Womens’ Day:

NATIONAL PEANUT CLUSTER DAY – Do you remember the commercial when the guy with a candy bar trips and accidentally dunks his chocolate in another guy’s jar of peanut butter?  And, of course, chocolate covered peanut butter cups were born that day ….

As long as I can remember, at Christmas time, my mom made peanut clusters with an added ingredient: chow mein noodles.  So, if the TV commercial people are correct, there were three people who tripped one day and accidentally added chocolate, peanuts and chow mein noodles?  It could happen.

Traditional Peanut Clusters are made from chocolate coated peanuts, dropped onto a cookie sheet and cooled. They are delicious so celebrate them today.  Just don’t trip while some guy is walking by with a jar of ….?  You fill in the blank.  Maybe you will invent something new and delicious.  Don’t forget to remember me in your thank you speeches.

Happy March 8th!

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  1. My brother still does that schtick with his sons, even though they are far too young to have ever seen the commercial

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