March 7th


NATIONAL CEREAL DAY – I have definitely gone through phases of my life when I have eaten a lot of cereal – often straight from the box.  My favourite childhood cereal was the teeth-coating Captain Crunch.   There is nothing like rooting around in a nearly full box of cereal to find the toy.  Good times.  Although I am in a non-cereal phase of my life, I can appreciate this tasty not-just-for-breakfast food.

My mom was a very busy lady and my dad would often fend for himself at dinnertime.  He enjoyed cooking for himself.  In fact, he kept a list of his fave dinners on the inside of a kitchen cupboard as a reminder.   But when asked what he was eating when Mom was out, he would always say in a drama-filled voice “I guess I’ll have cereal.”

It always made me laugh because I knew he was likely cooking parsnips, the only food my mother hated.  I am very lucky because the torch has been passed to my  husband.  When I tell him I will be away for an evening, he will ask in a shaky voice, “Do we have any cereal?”.


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