March 5th


NATIONAL ABSINTHE DAY – With nicknames like the Green Fairy, the Green Gooddess and the Green Lady, absinthe has a very colourful past, for a spirit.

It was developed as an elixir to cure illness but its reputation moved to the dark side, being blamed for madness, seizures and low morality.  Rumored to have hallucinogenic properties, it was banned in France and other countries after it was linked to the murder scandal.  In 1905, a French laborer murdered his pregnant wife and children after spending a day drinking absinthe.

The ban on this licorice flavored spirit was lifted after it was determined that its high alcohol content was likely the true culprit of its effects.

NATIONAL CHEESE DOODLE DAY – there is an ongoing debate as to the inventor of the cheese doodle (known as the Cheezie in Canada),  Patent applications go back as far as the 1930s but Old London Foods is credited with the initial widespread distribution of this orange snack.

I love the Cheetos Crunchy cheezies the best.  Grab a bag of Cheese Doodles today and celebrate!  Bet you can’t eat just one!

NATIONAL MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DAY – We all have different personalities that we show to the various people in our lives.  We tend to think of them as moods but they are more than just that.  Known in my model of the world as ego states, the ego state that you are in when interacting with your  mother is different from the ego state you have when you are with your best friend.  We move easily between our many ego states and remember events throughout.

The danger lies when a person has an ego state that is so completely separate from another ego state that all is forgotten after a change of states.  This is when dissociation takes place hence the term Dissociative Personality Disorder.

Today is a day to notice your different ego states and celebrate their seamless interchanges.

Happy March 5th!


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