March 4th


NATIONAL MARCHING MUSIC DAY – with a mostly Irish/British geneaology, I love a great Tattoo (not the inky kind … the bagpipe and drums kind).   I have attended the spectacular Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and the fantastic display of Marching Music was the RCMP Musical Ride, with horses performing in the marching.   One of my favourite pieces of Broadway music usic is the marching anthem, Do You Hear The People Sing?, at the end of the first act in Les Misérables.

Marching bands come in all sizes, formations and instrumental varieties.  The original marching band was a drum corps used in battle to keep troops marching in unison.

Modern day Marching Music contains everything from electric guitars to digital technology.    Appreciate the Marching Music of your choice today!

NATIONAL GRAMMAR DAY – in Grade 8, I had a teacher named Mrs.  Zilinsky.  She was tough, stern, caring, and at times, really scary.  She taught the enrichment class … I loved her and still consider her my most influential teacher.   But what I remember most was that she was incredibly driven to drill grammar rules into our heads.  We had something called “The Little Grammar Book”; a half-notebook filled with blue pen sentences and red pen grammar notations.

I am grateful today for Mrs. Zilinsky and her passion for grammar.

NATIONAL POUND CAKE DAY – a pound cake is named for the large amount of ingredients from which it is made (notice how I added some proper grammar here by not ending a sentence with the prepositions “of”).  A basic recipe uses:

1 pound of cake flour, 1 pound of butter, 1 pound of sugar, 1 pound of eggs, 1-2 tablespoons of vanilla

You can add anything you like to the pound cake such as chocolate chips or raisins but I wouldn’t add a pound of them.

Which begs the question:  how many pounds does a real pound cake weigh?

Happy March 4th!


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