March 3rd


NATIONAL TARTAR SAUCE DAY – this is a new national day designation, fortuitously falling within National Sauce Month.  Someone once told me that tartar sauce is mayonnaise with relish added to it.  I have to admit that I have created my own tartar sauce with those two ingredients from that day forward.  I am the main fish eater in the house so I don’t keep a lot of fish sauces on hand.  I make my own salmon sauce too with mayo and seafood sauce.  Yum!

I googled tartar sauce (don’t you just love how the word google has become a verb?) and sure enough, mayo with relish and a couple of other things added in for flavour!

NATIONAL COLD CUTS DAY – today we celebrate the most popular deli sandwich filler, sliced meat.  We even celebrate the standards like turkey, salami and prosciutto and even the weird ones like mac and cheese loaf and head cheese.

I am not much of a sandwich eater although I do love a toasted tomato sandwich in the summer.  I have not enjoyed cold cuts much since my days at Ridgeway Sr PS when my mom would send the slimy square ham slices on white bread with mustard.  I think it didn’t help that we all ate lunch sitting on the gym floor.  Bleccchhhh!  Moving on …..

NATIONAL I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY DAY – My father was the poster child for this celebration.  He would tell me a joke everyday that we spoke … I’d often heard them before ( I have no memory for jokes) and I would always laugh.  He always started with “Have you ever the one about …. “.  I miss him.

NATIONAL UNPLUGGING DAY – What do you think the chances are of getting our kids to unplug their technology today?  Yeah, I thought so but it was worth a try.

NATIONAL MULLED WINE DAY – I know I have had mulled cider but am not sure about mulled wine.  If I must drink wine today, I will take one for the team.

Here is Jamie Oliver’s recipe:

NATIONAL SALESPERSON DAY – Thank all the salespeople with whom you come in contact today.

NATIONAL EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY – As a self-employed person, I will totally appreciate myself today.  Bye, I am going shopping!


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