February 28th


FAT TUESDAY – Also known as Marni Gras and Shrove Tuesday, it is the end of Carnival and the day before Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent).  Fat Tuesday dates back to ancient Roman times when celebrants would feast on the food from which they would be abstaining throughout Lent.

Pancakes have become the most popular meal on Shrove Tuesday but their are many traditions throughout the world for this day.

But the important question is … if you are giving up something for Lent, what would that something be?

NATIONAL CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉ DAY –  a light, airy chocolate dessert?  Sometimes smothered in chocolate sauce or raspberry cream?  This gets it’s own day?  OF COURSE it does, because soufflés are delicious!

NATIONAL PUBLIC SLEEPING DAY – Ride a commuter train and every day is National Public Sleeping Day! The crazy part about this designation is that it is less about sleeping in public and more about napping.  FUN FACT:  there are apparently different types of naps:

1. The Power Nap – 10 to 20 minutes, it is an energizing nap that does not interfere with a good night’s sleep

2.  The Hangover Nap – 30 minutes which is really 10 minutes too long.  It leaves us feeling drowsy and only wanting more sleep.

3.  The Brainiac Nap – 60 minutes in length,  is best after a round of studying or before a big test as it shows improved congnitive abilities once the grogginess has cleared.

4.  The California King Nap – 90 minutes (or one complete sleep cycle), this one will get you performing again but good luck sleeping that night.

You are welcome.

NATIONAL TOOTH FAIRY DAY – The tooth fairy is 90 years old.  Well, not the actual Tooth Fairy, but the existence of the Tooth Fairy.  Fairies were originally posulated by parents as a way to get kids to brush their teeth and eat their vegetables.  But in 1927, Esther Watkins Arnold published a play for children called The Tooth Fairy, and the rest is history.

Now in my day … a quarter was the prize.  Nowadays, it is a promissory note for a Jeep Wrangler at the age of 16.  Ok, that might be an exaggeration … but not by much.

NATIONAL FLORAL DESIGN DAY – Designing floral arrangements is a skill line-up that I missed.  My arrangements end up looking like some weird weedy English garden.  I truly appreciate the skills of those who have the floral design touch.

Cheers!  I would give you a soufflé if I had one.  Or a pancake (which I don’t have either).

Happy Fat Tuesday!




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