February 8th


NATIONAL BOY SCOUTS DAY – Boy Scouts were first created in Great Britain in 1908 following the success of Robert Baden-Powell’s book, Scouting for Boys.  While in London, an American newspaper man was honoured with a good deed from a Boy Scout, thus planting the seed for Boys Scouts of America.   Since 1910, there have been over 114,000,000 Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.  FUN FACT: 181 astronauts were Boy Scouts.

NATIONAL KITE FLYING DAY –  Seriously? In Canada? In the winter?  Well, given the freezing rain yesterday, we could use a big kite to pull us down the street on skates!  Ok, now I like kite flying day!  Go fly a kite!!






February 7th


NATIONAL FETTUCCINI ALFREDO – the recipe for this sumptuous pasta dish was created by Alfred di Lelio.  In 1908, after his exhausted wife had delivered their first son and did not have an appetite, he made a dish of pasta, butter and cheese to coax her to eat.  Not only did she begin to eat, she had him put the dish on the menu of his small restaurant.  Today it is one of the most popular dishes in America.  I have yet to perfect my homemade dish but perhaps today is the day to give it another go.  Anybody have a great recipe?

NATIONAL SEND A CARD TO A FRIEND DAY – this day could’ve made for me! I LOVE cards!  I LOVE making cards!  I LOVE sending cards! I want to make card every day and send them to EVERYONE!

Clearly, I am very passionate about the power of the greeting card.   A card is a gift from the heart.  When created, it awakens your creativity, gratitude and empathy and can only result in positive changes within your mind and body.  When received in your mail, it is a little rose amongst all the thorny bills.  But the best cards are not the obligatory birthday or Christmas cards (although they are great to receive).  The best cards are the ones that are received for no reason other than that someone is thinking of you.  Come make cards with me.  You’ll be amazed at how fantastic you feel once you have popped those little gems in the mail.

NATIONAL PERIODIC TABLE DAY – the first attempt at organizing known elements was published by John Newlands in Chemical News Vol. 7, February 7, 1863.  Fun Fact:  Newlands based his organization of the elements on Pythagoras’ musical theory called the Law of Octave.  Science, music and math …. what could be better?!!!

If you are interested in the fascinating history of the periodic table, check out this link:   http://www.periodictableday.org/

Or, even better, buy one of these today:

Image result for periodic table of elements shower curtain


SAFER INTERNET DAY – talk about lunch bag let down.  We’ve been exploring yummy pasta, cool crafting and sensational science and now we have to think about internet safety?  Well, it IS extremely important and should be practiced everyday to annihilate those nasty cyber bulling and identity theft gremlins.

If everyone just ate Fettuccini Alredo and made periodic table cards, maybe the internet would be a much safer place.






February 6th


NATIONAL LAME DUCK DAY – this is a US designation, something that was not what I initially thought.   A lame duck is a person who is is either ineffectual or unsuccessful.  Here’s an example: in politics, once a new US president is elected, there is 2 months between the election finals and inauguration; it used to be 13 months. The outgoing president is therefore a lame duck for 2 months. In business, it is when one person is slowly phased out as opposed to being let go immediately. The phased out period is often frowned upon as it is thought that the outgoing individual (the lame duck) may do damage to the organization if they are at all bitter or angry.

When I initially saw the title, I immediately thought that a lame duck is someone who is essentially floating along but not making any headway. Could be appropriate.

NATIONAL FROZEN YOGURT DAY – Frozen Yogurt is delicious. I like vanilla with strawberries and chocolate chucks mixed in.  Mmmmmm.  I will make this my focus today. Move over lame duck … I am all about the frozen yogurt.

February 5th


NATIONAL SHOWER WITH A FRIEND DAY – Yes, you read that correctly … Shower With A Friend Day. I am assuming that if I asked my good friends to take a shower with me today, there might be some awkward silences. There might be some yeses too which would also be awkward. It’s a no-win situation. Not going to celebrate this one. Just saying ……..

WORLD NUTELLA DAY – Nutella. YumYumYumYum. Skip the bread, grab a spoon. Ok, before I start drooling, here is some history: Nutella began as a paste back in the 1800s in northern Italy. Cocoa was scarce while hazelnuts were plentiful.

During WWII, the paste was used in baking by Pastry Maker Pietro Ferrerro, thus beginning the Ferrerro Company. The spreadable Nutella was introduced in 1951 but was not officially name Nutella until 1964.

There are many recipes that can be found for homemade Nutella. That might be worth a try!

NATIONAL WEATHERPERSON’S DAY – the first reported weather person was born on this day in 1744. Dr John Jeffries, a scientist and a surgeon, recorded weather patterns from 1774 to 1816 and took his first balloon observation in 1884. Three cheers for Dr Jeffries!

Predicting the unpredictable is a challenging job so today we celebrate those folks who we take great joy in blaming for bad weather. My favourite weatherperson will always be retired Dave Devall of CTV news, mostly because he wrote backwards on the clear screen and always drew umbrellas during rainy forecasts. Good times, good times.

February 4th

Today is:

NATIONAL CREATE A VACUUM DAY – what’s that you say?  Create a vacuum?  As in Dyson or outer space?  Today we are challenged to design a space that is devoid of matter such as air.  I don’t suggest that you try to turn your house into a vacuum.  Maybe start with something small like a syringe.  Plug the end and pull the plunger out.  I’d like to meet the people who applied for this designation.  Do you think their names are Sheldon, Howard, Leonard or Raj?

NATIONAL HOMEMADE SOUP DAY – now this is something I can celebrate!  I love making broth; beef, chicken, turkey, or vegetable.  Our freezer is constantly stocked with some kind of broth.  I also love good old canned tomorrow and cream of mushroom soups.  But my all time favourite is Italian Wedding Soup.  Delicious!  Hmmmmm,  which shall I have today!

NATIONAL THANK A MAIL CARRIER DAY – although this is technically a US holiday, those of us in Canada who still have a mail carrier can celebrate that we still have a mail carrier (and don’t forget to thank them the next time you see them).  Canada Post lists this as one of its requirements for becoming a mail carrier:

To be able to meet time schedules, carry a satchel loaded up to 15.9 kilos (35 lbs), handle mail items up to 22.7 kilos (50 lbs), walk and climb stairs to deliver mail in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions for long periods of time

I am definitely going to thank the lovely man that brings our mail the next time I see him!

Have a great day eating soup and making vacuums!


February 3rd

Today is:

NATIONAL CARROT CAKE DAY – Have your carrot cake and eat it too today.  Carrot cake is more like a quick bread in production and consistency.  Wet ingredients are mixed separately from dry ingredients and then combined for a coarser-than-regular-cake consistency.  Legend has it that carrots were likely used to sweeten the cake in the Middle Ages when sugar was scarce.  Well done, you middle agers.  Carrot cake is delicious!

NATIONAL WOMEN PHYICIANS DAY – celebrating our lady doctors, this day  falls on  Dr Elizabeth Blackwell’s birthday, the first woman in the US to receive a medical degree.  Blackwell graduated in 1849 and in 2016, 35% of all doctors graduating were women.  Go Lady Docs!

NATIONAL DAY THE MUSIC DIED DAY – this day commemorates the day three music legends were killed in a plane crash; Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and JP Richardson aka “The Big Bopper”.   Waylon Jennings was supposed to be on this plane ride in 1959 but swapped places with the Big Bopper.  One of the most famous songs in western history, American Pie by Don McLean, features a verse about this day:

But February made me shiver,
With every paper I’d deliver,
Bad news on the doorstep
I couldn’t take one more step.
I can’t remember if I cried
When I read about his widowed bride
But something touched me deep inside,
The day the music died.

Celebrate by listening to this song today.


NATIONAL WEAR RED DAY – designated for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, this day recognizes this killer of one in three women, according to goredforwomen.org.

Have a great day wearing red, listening to Don McLean and eating carrot cake!


February 2nd

Today is:

NATIONAL GROUNDHOG DAY – this is the day when a small, oddly shaped, furry animal predicts future weather patterns throughout North American for the next few months.  Sounds reasonable, right?  It actually originated with Germans using a hedgehog for inspiration upon their arrival in the US. Today, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is the Groundhog Day hub and draws thousands of people.  What I want to know is:  how did they get the original hedgehog to tell them that this is exactly how he predicts winter’s end?

NATIONAL HEAVENLY HASH DAY – I have three words:  yum, yum, yummy!!!

Hash, to me, sounds exactly like what it is. A bunch a stuff thrown together.  Not exactly appetizing but if you put the word Heavenly in front of it and it is mostly chocolate stuff, then it sounds … dare I say … Yummy!  You know how to celebrate this one … container of ice cream and a spoon.

February 1st

Today is:

NATIONAL GET UP DAY – metaphorically speaking, today is a day to get up, dust ourselves off and give it (whatever IT is for you) another go.  January was National Skating Month so today is approprately named.  Stories of triumph can be shared at WeGetUp.com or on social media #GetUpDay.  Its all about perseverance in the face of challenges.  We are never alone.

NATIONAL BAKED ALASKA DAY – amazingly, I saw a Baked Alaska the other day and thought to myself “Wow, someone ordered a Baked Alaska.  Never had one of those.”  It is essentially a base of sponge cake, with vanilla icream and topped with baked meringue.  I adore sponge cake, could live on ice cream and LOVE meringue.  I MUST HAVE BAKED ALASKA!!  Road trip!!!!