February 17th


NATIONAL RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS DAY – not to be confused with Do A Grouch A Favor Day, it is a day to do something kind for anyone, anytime, anywhere.  In fact, according to the RAK Foundation, the celebration has been in place all week!  Why didn’t anybody tell me?!


Let me know your random acts of kindness!  Did you buy someone a coffee in the Tim’s drive through?  Take a casserole to a shut-in?  Call a old relative you haven’t talked to in ages?   Get creative with this one!

NATIONAL CABBAGE DAY – Oh, this could be dangerous if everyone decided to eat cabbage at the same time.  Can you say methane gas, children?

I prefer cabbage raw, peeled directly from the cabbage head.  My dad and I used to sit down with a whole cabbage and begin peeling it and devouring it.  It was usually one day before my mom would be ready to cook a recipe that required that vegetable.  We would get THE LOOK from her. Her LOOK was scary …. I still haven’t perfected it.

I also like cabbage rolls and kapusta but the cabbage rolls need to have lots of sauce and meaty filling.

Other members of the cabbage family are brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, kale and kohlrabi.  Cabbage was first brought to North America by Jacques Cartier.

How do you like to cook with cabbage?

NATIONAL CAREGIVERS DAY – in all seriousness, this day should be celebrated every day.  Caregivers, whether they be family, friends or professional, are saviours and should be honoured.  Thank you to everyone who is caring for someone right now.  It is sometimes a difficult and thankless job but you are putting huge amounts of currency into your karma bank.


February 16th …. even more!


CANADA’S AGRICULTURE DAY – I decided that this celebration needs it’s very own post!  Today we celebrate all that our national farmers do for our families and industries.  I am a huge advocate of farmer’s markets where we can buy fresh produce, meat and flowers as well as support local farmers.  My home town has an amazing farmer’s market that runs from May until October.  Can’t wait until it starts up again!  I also look for produce from Canada while shopping in grocery stores.

But it is not just produce, it is also Canada’s contribution to textiles and medicine that we must celebrate.

Check out the following for more information on this fabulous day:


February 16th


NATIONAL DO A GROUCH A FAVOR DAY – Today is the day to help someone turn that grouchy frown upside down.  Ok, I’ll cut the crap.  Some people are just plain grouchy and we really don’t want to be nice …. but, you are encouraged today to do a good turn  for them.  Do something unexpected that is meant to put a smile on their face.  I think the best thing to do would be to organize a mass screening of Grumpy Old Men, eat almonds and CELEBRATE!

NATIONAL ALMOND DAY – notice how I slipped in almonds above as a movie snack and they seemed totally out of place because you were expecting the snack to be popcorn?  Besides, who eats almonds while watching a movie?  I would have to punch you because the crunching sound would drive me insane.  Now that I have offended people and given too much information about my auditory idiosycracies, let’s focus on almonds ….

Almonds are a super food!  They are full of antioxidants and contain many nutrients, most notably in my opinion is magnesium, a great blood pressure reducer.  They are delicious and come in many flavours, although my favourite is plain roasted.   I do like the occasional handful of Tamari almonds but they contain enough salt for a small village so I do limit them.  Here is a great article on the benefits of almonds:


Remember … Grumpy Old Men and almonds.  Go ….. GO!!!





February 15th


NATIONAL GUMDROP DAY – Having played Candy Land many many times, I can honestly say that I have been over Gumdrop Mountain and survived!  Gumdrops have been around since 1915.  They are primarily gelatin and sugar and can also be made at home if you are into making candy.  I have often purchased them in the past for decoration on gingerbread houses as they look great lining the roof top.  But the most interesting way I have ever seen them used was as part of a BBQ skewer structure.  At Scientists in School, we would let them harden for weeks and then the kids would combine them with skewers to make a truss-like shape.  They would work in groups and create some impressive structures with gumdrops acting as great joint compound; however, It revolted me when the kids would insist on eating them afterward so we changed to newspaper and tape.

NATIONAL SINGLES AWARENESS DAY – the day after Valentine’s day ( and all that crazy LUUUUUUV) is designated to tell the world that there is nothing wrong with being single.  There are many upsides to be single including easy scheduling of tasks and hobbies, self reliance and no partner sabotage when it comes healthy habits.  If you are single, today is YOUR day!!


February 14th


NATIONAL CREAM FILLED CHOCOLATES DAY – I am going to assume that this designation wasn’t randomly placed on the day most noted for massive amounts of chocolate gifting. Heart shaped boxes filled with delectable treats are considered the ultimate expression of your love. Coooool!! Preferring solid chocolate myself, I do like a nice caramel filled chocolate but somehow seem to end up with the strawberry cream one. Not my favourite. But I always take one for the team and finish it off. Then I look for the caramel one.

NATIONAL FERRIS WHEEL DAY – Fun Fact: the Ferris Wheel was created to rival the Eiffel Tower at the 1893 World’s Colombian Exposition. It was designed by George Washington Gale Ferris who was born on this day. He originally sketched his ideas on a napkin (as all serious inventors do) and eventually designed that wonderful circular marvel. Happy Birhtday, Mr Ferris!

NATIONAL DONOR DAY – This may seem an odd day to celebrate organ donation, but I think it is the perfect day. I have learned a lot about organ donation lately, specifically lung. A dear friend of mine just received a double lung transplant and we are so grateful to her donor. We know that the donor’s family is suffering but hope they can feel the love that we feel for them and our grateful recipient. Here’s to you, Organ Donor 🍷💜

VALENTINE’S DAY – Often thought of as a day to celebrate one’s love, I believe it is a day to celebrate all love that we have in our lives, be it spouse, partner, children, parents, siblings, family and friends. To those who are held dearly in my heart, Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ 💗❤️

February 13th


NATIONAL TORTELLINI DAY – Tortellini is originally from the Italian region, Bologna, where The Learned Order of the Tortellini make their home.  This organization’s mission is to preserve the beloved tortellini.  Membership is large and dress code is strict:  all members must wear the traditional red and gold tortellini shaped hat, along with a gold shaped tortellini pendant on a ribbon necklace.  Don’t mess with these folk.  They know how to roll you, stuff you and tie you in a ring … literally.

NATIONAL CLEAN OUt YOUR COMPUTER DAY – Ok, raise your hand if your computer is a mess of poorly organized files, duplicate pictures, obsolete attachments.  Today is the day to clean house!  My largest useless collection of files is in my photo library.  I do not seem to be able to go a day without somehow stupidly screenshotting my phone.  It’s usually the home screen or email list, texts.  With the whole iCloud sync feature, these unwanted photos end up on all my devices.  It is a good day to clean them out …. unless I have to shovel the driveway … again!

February 12th


NATIONAL PLUM PUDDING DAY – I was surprised to find out that a dessert, traditionally known as Christmas pudding, is celebrated on February 12th.  Strangely, there are no plums in most Plum Pudding recipes.  It usually includes  nutmeg, raisins, nuts, apples, cinnamon and dates but no plums.

Popular in England,  while making Plum Pudding, each person in the home is to hold onto the wooden spoon simultaneously, stir the batter and make a wish.

It can be served as is or (in my world) drizzled with either icing or caramel. Yum!

Traditionally, plum pudding is made well in advance, often up to a year. If you make it today, it’ll be ready for Christmas!

February 11th


NATIONAL PEPPERMINT PATTY DAY – no, not the Peanuts character … the delicious chocolate disc with pepperminty centre.  Peppermint Patties remind me of two things: first, advent calendar treats.  Since all my dear daughters love peppermint, they receive these treats on several days.  Second, they remind me of hamburger cookies.  No, they are not cookies made from hamburger because that would be just wrong.  They are Peppermint Patties sandwiched between two Nilla wafers with coloured icing and coloured coconut added for condiments.  Mmmmmmm … delicious!  Girls, we need to make Hamburger Cookies again!!

NATIONAL DON’T CRY OVER SPILLED MILK DAY – not to be taken literally (although when Dear Daughter 1 was little, spilled milk happened every day!), this day quotes a proverb from 1659 by James Howell.  “No weeping for shed milk” may have changed its form somewhat but the intent is still the same:  look on the bright side and don’t sweat the small stuff.

NATIONAL MAKE A FRIEND DAY – Friends can be chosen family.  They are valuable parts of our lives and we can never have enough good friends.  So get out there and make some friends today!  The easiest way is to take a class or join a club.

NATIONAL INVENTORS DAY – celebrate the visionaries of the world.  Some inventions take long periods of time to perfect and some are happy accidents, such as sticky notes and bubble wrap.  Do you know any inventors and what did they invent?

NATIONAL SHUT-IN VISITATION DAY – those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to move through the world freely are encouraged to visit those who cannot.  Visiting a person who cannot leave their home can not only brighten their day but yours as well.  Bring them some hamburger cookies!!!


February 10th


NATIONAL CREAM CHEESE BROWNIE DAY – the second type of brownie to have a national day designation (first was the blond brownie), this brownie uses cream cheese to create a smoooooooooth texture.  They have been around since the 1800s with the first recipe documented in 1906 in the Boston Cooking School Cook Book.

NATIONAL UMBRELLA DAY – I love a good rainy day (except when I have to shop for groceries).  By default, I love umbrellas, especially red ones and golf umbrellas that can cover me, my soccer mom chair, my husband and his chair.  Umbrellas are a fantastic thing to own.  I own a variety; ones that fit in a bag, ones that have nice curved handles, clear plastic, black nylon and cat patterned.  We don’t use them enough, especially on hot sunny days.  It’s snowing here today so I could use an umbrella to keep the snow off my head.  Ah …. that is what jacket hoods are for.  Sorry, umbrella … you will be appreciated another day.

Paula Kennedy and I after a successful Umbrella painting Paint Nite!    This was my favourite project to date.  We not only painted the canvas but our wine glasses too!  Ooops!


February 9th


NATIONAL PIZZA DAY – Yiiippppppeeeeee!  Pizza is my favourite casual dinner of all time!  My father used to love asking people at our cottage “If you could plan your last meal on earth, what would it be?”  This question always resulted in a lively,  happy conversation full.  My last meal was always pizza, popcorn and ice cream.  I am truly a five year old.

I prefer plain pepperoni pizza on a very thin crust with lots of cheese and lots of sauce.  We always made our own dough and pizza sauce.  My mother/father and I would make 8 or 10 pizzas at a time and them freeze them.  As I grew older, my dad would give me frozen pizzas for Christmas.  What great times around food!

NATIONAL BAGEL DAY – Unfortunately I am not as excited about the bagels.  I have never been a big bread eater.  If I were to eat a bagel, I would have a plain one toasted with butter.    Bagels seem to incite quite a bit of personal preference.  What is your favourite kind and where do you buy your bagels?

NATIONAL TOOTHACHE DAY – Seriously?  We need to celebrate the toothache? I spent the entire Christmas holidays with a toothache.  I have had at least 15 root canals, 6 (soon to be 7) titanium implants, two surgeries, 5 bridges (one remaining) and 13 extractions.  I am NOT celebrating this day.  Crap, I think I just celebrated this day.