February 27th


NATIONAL STRAWBERRY DAY – I am going to go out on a limb and say that strawberries are one of the most popular fruits … especially on fruit platters at parties.  They are so versatile and can be sliced, mushed, juiced, blended, dried and dipped in chocolate.  They can be turned into mini Santa hats and swan garnishes …. trust me, google “strawberry art”.

I am sure you either have a pint of fresh strawberries in your refrigerator or a bag of frozen strawberries in your freezer.  Enjoy them today!

NATIONAL KAHLUA DAY – Kahlua is yummy.  I have actually made my own … it’s basically coffee and rum.  Versatile as well, kahlua can be enjoyed on its own, in desserts, over ice cream and of course in any number of sweet cocktails.  My personal favourite kahlua cocktail is a Black Russian; Kahlua, Vodka, ice. Mmmmm!

NATIONAL POLAR BEAR DAY – Polar Bears are amazing and are threatened with extinction.  Watch an episode of Planet Earth and your heart will break for these majestic creatures.

Polar Bears can stand at 9 ft tall with a weight of up to 1400 lbs. Having webbed feet helps them swim in frigid waters.  Their thick layer of fat under their skin keeps them warm in their cold climates.

Celebrate the Polar Bear today.  Below is a cute video to watch of a mother polar bear and her cubs  … don’t forget to grab your strawberries and Kahlua for snacks and drinks!



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