February 26th


NATIONAL TELL A FAIRY TALE DAY – Once upon a time there was a woman named Margarete von Waldeck who was the daughter of the 16th century Count of Waldeck.  Her beauty was legendary in her hometown of Waldeck Germany.  The area was known for mining and, because many of the mine tunnels were very tight, only small men or children could be used in the mines.  Margarete’s father remarried when she was 17 years old.  She did not get along with her stepmother and left to live in Brussels.  She fell in love with a prince but did not live to marry him.  It is said that she was poisoned at the age of 21.

Sound familiar?  Snow White and the Seven Dwarf is said to be based on Margarete von Waldeck’s life.

As with all stories, they change every time they are told but when Disney got ahold of a story, he made them happily ever after.

Celebrate Fairy Tales today and even look up some of the less than happy Grimm tales today.

NATIONAL PISTACHIO DAY – known as the happy nut in China and the smiling nut in India, the pistachio is a very popular nut.  Bet you just can’t eat one!

The shell will will split when the nut is ripe and they are said to be dyed red or green when the nuts are considered inferior.  I am not sure what that means but when faced with a bowl of pistachios, coloured or otherwise, I find them all irresistible.

The nuts themselves are full of vitamins and minerals but I want to talk about the  shells.  There are many uses for these little hard vessels.  They can be placed at the bottom of plant containers for drainage, around the base of hostas to deter slugs, in crafts for texture and as fire starters.

Many reasons to eat pistachios! Don’t forget to save those shells!

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