February 25th


NATIONAL CHOCOLATE COVERED NUT DAY – given the choice between chocolate covered peanuts and chocolate covered raisins, I would probably choose the raisins.  However, if you put box of chocolate covered almonds in front of me, I will polish them off with glee!

The first marketed chocolate covered nuts were called Goobers in 1925.  Goober was slang for peanut and they became very popular.  The market has since grown to epic proportions with every type of nut being covered in every type of chocolate.

These snacks are healthy too (in moderation, of course)!  Nuts contain many essential vitamins, minerals, oils and acids.  Chocolate, especially dark, contains antioxidants.  Celebrate the chocolate covered nut today!

NATIONAL CLAM CHOWDER DAY – There’s a debate on the burner as to where the word “chowder” originated.  The French claim it is from their word “chauldiere” which means cauldron.  The English refer to a fish peddler as a “jowter”.  Whichever way you look at it, chowder is a mainstay.

Enjoy a bowl of this rich soup today in celebration of Clam Chowder.  Eastern Canada and New England are famous for their fish chowders and include potatoes, onions, celery,  and even occasionally tomatoes in their recipes.

Dinner is planned for you … Clam chowder in a bread bowl, followed by a dessert of chocolate covered nuts.  You’re welcome.




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