February 23rd


NATIONAL TILE DAY – tile has been used in Architecture for centuries.  It’s affordability, however, has changed greatly over the years.  When tiles were only hand crafted by artisans, only the wealthy could afford them.  Today, the variety and cost options have placed tile in most people’s homes.

I have tile in my foyer and my bathrooms but my favourite tile is on my kitchen backsplash.  It is multi-colored glass time and I celebrate it daily by splashing water and spaghetti sauce on it!

NATIONAL CHILI DAY – Chili, a popular winter dish, began as a convenient dish for frontier settlers on trail drives.  Dried beef, suet, chilies and spices were combined and pounded into bricks for easy transport.  It would then be boiled when needed.  Chili was the early space food!  Chili, along with ribs, has become a most popular cook-off food.  Feel free to share your favourite recipe with me!

NATIONAL BANANA BREAD DAY – when I think of Banana Bread, I think of a moist, sweet snack, less bread … more cake, preferably with chocolate chips.  Pillsbury and Chiquita produced recipe books that made banana bread a household name.  But my favourite story is that a variation of banana bread likely began in the West Indies.  Banana skins would be dried and then pounded into flour for baking.  Anyone willing to give this a try and report back to me?

NATIONAL TOAST DAY – Toast is both a noun and a verb.  We can make toast.  We can toast bread.  We can toast with toast. Toast is versatile and most people have their favourite toppings for it whether be in peanut butter, jam, marmalade or my friend’s husband’s favourite …. marmite (blecch!!).

NATIONAL DOG BISCUIT DAY – just when I had your mouth watering with yummy food, I had to throw in the dog biscuit.  But man’s best friend deserves to celebrate so throw them a bone-shaped cookie today!

Happy Day!



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