February 20th


NATIONAL CHERRY PIE DAY –  My grandfather used to have a piece of pie everyday … I have often wondered if he actually had one with every meal.   I would not blame him if they were all cherry pie, my favourite.

A little history lesson of the pie:  English settlers brought the pie to America with them, cooking them in long narrow pastry pans  called “coffyns”. A coffyn was made of flour, suet and boiling water.  These early pie crusts were not originally eaten but used as a vessel to hold the filling during baking.  I think I am going to enjoy calling my pie crust a coffyn!  Cherry pies are best baked in a deep dish with oodles of cherries!

NATIONAL LOVE YOUR PET DAY – Have you met my daughters?  And our cats?  Talk about loving their pets EVERY day.  I swear they come home specifically to see the felines but I take no offence.  Snapchat seems to mostly about the cats.  You get the idea …. post about the pets who you love today!


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