February 19th


NATIONAL CHOCOLATE MINT DAY – Chocolate was originally used by the Aztecs but the bitter flavour did not make it very popular.  Eventually, it was brought to the Europeans who began to add mint, cinnamon  and other spices to enhance the flavour of chocolate, served mostly as a hot beverage.  It was not until sugar was added that the desire for chocolate soared.  It is nearly unmatched today in dessert circles.

Thin mint cookies were introduced by the Girl Guides in 1953 and are still their most popular cookie (although I prefer the vanilla wafer cookie).

Chocolate mint flavoured foods are plentiful and should be eaten as much as possible today. It’s required!

MATIONAL LASH DAY – Eyelashes, true or false are to be celebrated today.  Ask anyone who has ever lost their eyelashes knows of the important roll that they play:  help keep moisture in the eye but also help keep water and other substances from entering our eyes.  Eyelashes make eyes pop and can be enhanced with dyes, mascara or extensions.  Flutter them today!!


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