February 18th


NATIONAL DRINK WINE DAY – well, it’s Saturday, our big fundraising gig is today and we are supposed to drink wine. Ok, I am in! Wine is a universal ready-made cocktail of yumminess. Over the years, my favourite has shifted from Chardonnay to Shiraz to Pinot Grigio with a little of everything in between. Wine, in moderation, has many health benefits and can be paired beautifully with all types of food! One of my favourite gatherings are wine and cheese parties because the different palates and offerings are so interesting! Cheers 🍷

NATIONAL BATTERY DAY – FUN FACT:  the alkaline battery and the lithium battery were invented by a Canadian dude! His name was Lewis Urry and he lived in Pontypool Ontario. He improved upon primitive designs to develop the small pack of energy that runs our lives and now … cars! Celebrate by counting everything that you use in a day powered by batteries and raise a glass of wine to Lewis Urry! Cheers 🍷

NATIONAL CRAB STUFFED FLOUNDER DAY – a dish of crab stuffing wrapped in a whole flounder and baked. This dish is most popular on the East and Gulf Coasts and can be paired with a nice Riesling or Chardonnay (notice how I slipped the wine drinking in again?). Cheers 🍷

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