February 14th


NATIONAL CREAM FILLED CHOCOLATES DAY – I am going to assume that this designation wasn’t randomly placed on the day most noted for massive amounts of chocolate gifting. Heart shaped boxes filled with delectable treats are considered the ultimate expression of your love. Coooool!! Preferring solid chocolate myself, I do like a nice caramel filled chocolate but somehow seem to end up with the strawberry cream one. Not my favourite. But I always take one for the team and finish it off. Then I look for the caramel one.

NATIONAL FERRIS WHEEL DAY – Fun Fact: the Ferris Wheel was created to rival the Eiffel Tower at the 1893 World’s Colombian Exposition. It was designed by George Washington Gale Ferris who was born on this day. He originally sketched his ideas on a napkin (as all serious inventors do) and eventually designed that wonderful circular marvel. Happy Birhtday, Mr Ferris!

NATIONAL DONOR DAY – This may seem an odd day to celebrate organ donation, but I think it is the perfect day. I have learned a lot about organ donation lately, specifically lung. A dear friend of mine just received a double lung transplant and we are so grateful to her donor. We know that the donor’s family is suffering but hope they can feel the love that we feel for them and our grateful recipient. Here’s to you, Organ Donor 🍷💜

VALENTINE’S DAY – Often thought of as a day to celebrate one’s love, I believe it is a day to celebrate all love that we have in our lives, be it spouse, partner, children, parents, siblings, family and friends. To those who are held dearly in my heart, Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ 💗❤️

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