February 13th


NATIONAL TORTELLINI DAY – Tortellini is originally from the Italian region, Bologna, where The Learned Order of the Tortellini make their home.  This organization’s mission is to preserve the beloved tortellini.  Membership is large and dress code is strict:  all members must wear the traditional red and gold tortellini shaped hat, along with a gold shaped tortellini pendant on a ribbon necklace.  Don’t mess with these folk.  They know how to roll you, stuff you and tie you in a ring … literally.

NATIONAL CLEAN OUt YOUR COMPUTER DAY – Ok, raise your hand if your computer is a mess of poorly organized files, duplicate pictures, obsolete attachments.  Today is the day to clean house!  My largest useless collection of files is in my photo library.  I do not seem to be able to go a day without somehow stupidly screenshotting my phone.  It’s usually the home screen or email list, texts.  With the whole iCloud sync feature, these unwanted photos end up on all my devices.  It is a good day to clean them out …. unless I have to shovel the driveway … again!

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