February 10th


NATIONAL CREAM CHEESE BROWNIE DAY – the second type of brownie to have a national day designation (first was the blond brownie), this brownie uses cream cheese to create a smoooooooooth texture.  They have been around since the 1800s with the first recipe documented in 1906 in the Boston Cooking School Cook Book.

NATIONAL UMBRELLA DAY – I love a good rainy day (except when I have to shop for groceries).  By default, I love umbrellas, especially red ones and golf umbrellas that can cover me, my soccer mom chair, my husband and his chair.  Umbrellas are a fantastic thing to own.  I own a variety; ones that fit in a bag, ones that have nice curved handles, clear plastic, black nylon and cat patterned.  We don’t use them enough, especially on hot sunny days.  It’s snowing here today so I could use an umbrella to keep the snow off my head.  Ah …. that is what jacket hoods are for.  Sorry, umbrella … you will be appreciated another day.

Paula Kennedy and I after a successful Umbrella painting Paint Nite!    This was my favourite project to date.  We not only painted the canvas but our wine glasses too!  Ooops!


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