February 9th


NATIONAL PIZZA DAY – Yiiippppppeeeeee!  Pizza is my favourite casual dinner of all time!  My father used to love asking people at our cottage “If you could plan your last meal on earth, what would it be?”  This question always resulted in a lively,  happy conversation full.  My last meal was always pizza, popcorn and ice cream.  I am truly a five year old.

I prefer plain pepperoni pizza on a very thin crust with lots of cheese and lots of sauce.  We always made our own dough and pizza sauce.  My mother/father and I would make 8 or 10 pizzas at a time and them freeze them.  As I grew older, my dad would give me frozen pizzas for Christmas.  What great times around food!

NATIONAL BAGEL DAY – Unfortunately I am not as excited about the bagels.  I have never been a big bread eater.  If I were to eat a bagel, I would have a plain one toasted with butter.    Bagels seem to incite quite a bit of personal preference.  What is your favourite kind and where do you buy your bagels?

NATIONAL TOOTHACHE DAY – Seriously?  We need to celebrate the toothache? I spent the entire Christmas holidays with a toothache.  I have had at least 15 root canals, 6 (soon to be 7) titanium implants, two surgeries, 5 bridges (one remaining) and 13 extractions.  I am NOT celebrating this day.  Crap, I think I just celebrated this day.

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