February 7th


NATIONAL FETTUCCINI ALFREDO – the recipe for this sumptuous pasta dish was created by Alfred di Lelio.  In 1908, after his exhausted wife had delivered their first son and did not have an appetite, he made a dish of pasta, butter and cheese to coax her to eat.  Not only did she begin to eat, she had him put the dish on the menu of his small restaurant.  Today it is one of the most popular dishes in America.  I have yet to perfect my homemade dish but perhaps today is the day to give it another go.  Anybody have a great recipe?

NATIONAL SEND A CARD TO A FRIEND DAY – this day could’ve made for me! I LOVE cards!  I LOVE making cards!  I LOVE sending cards! I want to make card every day and send them to EVERYONE!

Clearly, I am very passionate about the power of the greeting card.   A card is a gift from the heart.  When created, it awakens your creativity, gratitude and empathy and can only result in positive changes within your mind and body.  When received in your mail, it is a little rose amongst all the thorny bills.  But the best cards are not the obligatory birthday or Christmas cards (although they are great to receive).  The best cards are the ones that are received for no reason other than that someone is thinking of you.  Come make cards with me.  You’ll be amazed at how fantastic you feel once you have popped those little gems in the mail.

NATIONAL PERIODIC TABLE DAY – the first attempt at organizing known elements was published by John Newlands in Chemical News Vol. 7, February 7, 1863.  Fun Fact:  Newlands based his organization of the elements on Pythagoras’ musical theory called the Law of Octave.  Science, music and math …. what could be better?!!!

If you are interested in the fascinating history of the periodic table, check out this link:   http://www.periodictableday.org/

Or, even better, buy one of these today:

Image result for periodic table of elements shower curtain


SAFER INTERNET DAY – talk about lunch bag let down.  We’ve been exploring yummy pasta, cool crafting and sensational science and now we have to think about internet safety?  Well, it IS extremely important and should be practiced everyday to annihilate those nasty cyber bulling and identity theft gremlins.

If everyone just ate Fettuccini Alredo and made periodic table cards, maybe the internet would be a much safer place.






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