February 6th


NATIONAL LAME DUCK DAY – this is a US designation, something that was not what I initially thought.   A lame duck is a person who is is either ineffectual or unsuccessful.  Here’s an example: in politics, once a new US president is elected, there is 2 months between the election finals and inauguration; it used to be 13 months. The outgoing president is therefore a lame duck for 2 months. In business, it is when one person is slowly phased out as opposed to being let go immediately. The phased out period is often frowned upon as it is thought that the outgoing individual (the lame duck) may do damage to the organization if they are at all bitter or angry.

When I initially saw the title, I immediately thought that a lame duck is someone who is essentially floating along but not making any headway. Could be appropriate.

NATIONAL FROZEN YOGURT DAY – Frozen Yogurt is delicious. I like vanilla with strawberries and chocolate chucks mixed in.  Mmmmmm.  I will make this my focus today. Move over lame duck … I am all about the frozen yogurt.

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