February 5th


NATIONAL SHOWER WITH A FRIEND DAY – Yes, you read that correctly … Shower With A Friend Day. I am assuming that if I asked my good friends to take a shower with me today, there might be some awkward silences. There might be some yeses too which would also be awkward. It’s a no-win situation. Not going to celebrate this one. Just saying ……..

WORLD NUTELLA DAY – Nutella. YumYumYumYum. Skip the bread, grab a spoon. Ok, before I start drooling, here is some history: Nutella began as a paste back in the 1800s in northern Italy. Cocoa was scarce while hazelnuts were plentiful.

During WWII, the paste was used in baking by Pastry Maker Pietro Ferrerro, thus beginning the Ferrerro Company. The spreadable Nutella was introduced in 1951 but was not officially name Nutella until 1964.

There are many recipes that can be found for homemade Nutella. That might be worth a try!

NATIONAL WEATHERPERSON’S DAY – the first reported weather person was born on this day in 1744. Dr John Jeffries, a scientist and a surgeon, recorded weather patterns from 1774 to 1816 and took his first balloon observation in 1884. Three cheers for Dr Jeffries!

Predicting the unpredictable is a challenging job so today we celebrate those folks who we take great joy in blaming for bad weather. My favourite weatherperson will always be retired Dave Devall of CTV news, mostly because he wrote backwards on the clear screen and always drew umbrellas during rainy forecasts. Good times, good times.

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