February 4th

Today is:

NATIONAL CREATE A VACUUM DAY – what’s that you say?  Create a vacuum?  As in Dyson or outer space?  Today we are challenged to design a space that is devoid of matter such as air.  I don’t suggest that you try to turn your house into a vacuum.  Maybe start with something small like a syringe.  Plug the end and pull the plunger out.  I’d like to meet the people who applied for this designation.  Do you think their names are Sheldon, Howard, Leonard or Raj?

NATIONAL HOMEMADE SOUP DAY – now this is something I can celebrate!  I love making broth; beef, chicken, turkey, or vegetable.  Our freezer is constantly stocked with some kind of broth.  I also love good old canned tomorrow and cream of mushroom soups.  But my all time favourite is Italian Wedding Soup.  Delicious!  Hmmmmm,  which shall I have today!

NATIONAL THANK A MAIL CARRIER DAY – although this is technically a US holiday, those of us in Canada who still have a mail carrier can celebrate that we still have a mail carrier (and don’t forget to thank them the next time you see them).  Canada Post lists this as one of its requirements for becoming a mail carrier:

To be able to meet time schedules, carry a satchel loaded up to 15.9 kilos (35 lbs), handle mail items up to 22.7 kilos (50 lbs), walk and climb stairs to deliver mail in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions for long periods of time

I am definitely going to thank the lovely man that brings our mail the next time I see him!

Have a great day eating soup and making vacuums!


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    1. My Favourite kind is Italian Wedding Soup. I Love tomato soup but have to pair it with grilled cheese sandwiches. What is your favourite kind?

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