January 30th

Today is:

NATIONAL BUBBLE WRAP APPRECIATION DAY – Yippeee!!  This might be my favourite designation of all!  I love that there is a day to celebrate the simplest thing of all, popping little plastic bubbles.  My favourite way is to lay the piece of bubble wrap on the floor and walk all over it!  Did you know there are even bubble wrap popping apps, just in case you are an environmentalist/addict.

NATIONAL CROISSANT DAY –  Croissants date back a long way with crescent shaped rolls being popular since the 13th century.  Today’s version was introduced in 1939 by a Viennese baker in Paris.  They are made from laminated dough.  The fact that their description uses an engineering term makes me happy so I will truly appreciate them today.  They taste good, disappear quickly because they are made mostly of air and butter and are come in many flavours.  Treat yourself today to a coffee and a croissant!

Have a terrific day eating croissants while popping bubbles!

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